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Pharaoh was in Memphis

Pharaoh was in Memphis again folks. It’s not often that I am in Memphis but when I do visit, I know exactly where I’m going. You’d think that I would go directly for some Memphis style barbecue but that’s not really my style. I’m actually a bigger fan of vegetables than meat. I could go months without even craving meat. However, back on the subject, I have to visit this little Mexican food restaurant on Airways. They keep a deli inside of their store. They also have their own security there, which makes me uncomfortable. The store is only two rooms and he follows me into both of them. I wanted to say to him, do I really look like I need to steal?? Come on.

Pharaoh Stays on the Move

Where y’all skating at out here?? The next time that I come, I’m going to make the effort to visit one of the sessions. It will be an interesting experience because I don’t like to skate to anything except JB. I really don’t even do the slow jams all that much.

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