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Music Library

Peruse the JBGODS Music Library for original JBSKATE Music made here in Chicago. Check out the many genres we offer and add them to your wishlist. Choose music from two categories, exclusive license and non-exclusive license. Songs are mixed in stereo (LCR) and surround sound (5.1).

Scoop (version 2)


Scoop V2 Stereo Scoop is a JBSKATE style song with no samples incorporated.  Version 2 is mixed in 5.1 surround sound and is on sale as a non-exclusive license. After purchasing, this song is available for unlimited downloads on JBGODS for 366 days.  All new versions and additional uploads for this song will be availableRead…

Scoop Bundle


Scoop V2 Stereo Wurly EP Breakfast In NY The Scoop Bundle is a JBSKATE style song for purchase with all of the individual tracks that make up the song.  This bundle is an upgrade of Scoop Version 2.  Scoop is also a 5.1 surround sound mix and the license for Scoop is a non-exclusive license.Read…

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