When The Gods Come Through




When the Gods Come Through

When the Gods Come Through

Listen to all new, original JBSKATE songs from Chicago. These are brand new and barely even remixed songs, they haven’t even been recycled yet. The feel is fresh.

Purchase JBSKATE songs for your live DJ Set from the JBGODS

Impress your crowd with the latest music in JB Skating

JB Skaters crave new music. We all love the traditional JB, but of course we know that there is something else out there. Give your audience what they want. Buy JBSKATE songs from the gods and shock your crowds.

Keep more customers coming back

Fresh new songs and brand new mixes keep JB Skaters coming back. How do I know?? I’m the GodKing Pharaoh, I’m a JB Skater myself. It’s refreshing to hear a really nice song during a session that I’ve never heard before. Try it out in your rink and see if you get the results that you are looking for. There is no better place than here to try out brand new, original JB Skate music for your session.

May the JBGODS visit your venue

After a visit from the gods, everything changes. Rink owners, get ready for the most excitement that you’ve ever seen on your skate floor..

Embassy Records
The Book of Enoch

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