The GodKing Pharaoh from JBGODS

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Pharaoh from JBGODS started a JB Skating team and brand in Chicago. Wonder how things are going??

the Godking Pharaoh from JBGODS in Chicago

Starting a team with the GodKing Pharaoh from JBGODS

Let’s talk about skating with Pharaoh from JBGODS. Deciding on a name and scouting out potential skaters to join the team was probably the easiest part of the process. Don’t be confused though, almost everyone that I asked was willing to give it a shot. The difficult aspect of it all was realizing that I take JB Skating seriously and also finding out that this thing isn’t so serious for everyone else. That took me some time to get used to. I would get really frustrated when skaters would either leave my team. Some would not show the same interest that I do.

Starting a JB Skating Brand with Pharaoh from JBGODS

This was definitely not on the agenda in the beginning. JBGODS has blossomed into a recognizable brand but that is not the task that I set out to accomplish. Initially, I wanted to document the history of JB Skating in the text books that would be distributed to children in the public schools of Chicago. I thought the people of JB were doing something so remarkable that it should be inked in history and read by the youth for years to come. There were photos of Black swing dancers in my history books from grade school. I wanted to create the same thing for young children growing up in Chicago.

Building Something, But What

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