Things to do Before a Skate Session

By Pharaoh, Friday September 16th 2022

Get a good warm up. Do some simple workouts to get your ligaments and tendons warm and ready for movement.

Do a Small Warm Up

jb skaters at lynwood roller rink in chicago by JBGODS

Get your body ready for the session. It can take a good hour to get all of your body parts ready to put out in the way that you want them to perform. It doesn’t require a lot. I suggest doing a little exercise before you stretch, like squats or lunges. Give yourself enough time to rest before yo get on the floor. The temporary fatigue from a workout could make you a little jittery when you first start skating.

Get a Good Stretch

jb skaters at lynwood sport center in chicago by JBGODS

Stretch those muscles, ligaments and tendons. Waiting to do so for five minutes before you step onto the floor might not suffice. You ever have the wobbles when you first get on the floor even though you’ve been skating for months or years?? That’s why, you gotta warm up.

Focus and Meditate

jb skaters at lynwood sports center in chicago by JBGODS

It’s important to know if your energy is in the right place before you go outside. This is important for enjoying the session, and anything else. Let this moment be the defining activity that decides whether or not you go out to intermingle with people. There’s nothing wrong with staying at home for your own mental health.

Clean Your Wheels
JB Skaters on BC Mondays at Glenwood Roller Rink by JBGODS

I always think that the skate floor is extra slippery. Sometimes it can feel like someone spilled a thin layer of Wesson all over the floors. That may be the case but, most often the problem is just that there is a layer of dirt on my wheels. That dirt can make you slip and slide sideways. All this cleaning requires is a towel and some water. Wipe your wheels down really well, I suggest doing this before leaving home. You’ll need time for the wheels to completely dry before skating on them.

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