What is JBGODS??

What is JBGODS??

By Pharaoh, Monday August 29th 2022

You know, there was a time when I couldn’t quite answer that question until I listened to some of my mentors. JBGODS is a brand and that brand is a reflection of myself. I’ve created the first JB Skating organization that hosts an official JB Skating competition. I bring awareness to mental health, mental illness, autism, homelessness and cancer. These are all things that I care about and they are the personality traits that make JBGODS.

Building A Brand

jb skaters at lynwood roller rink in chicago by JBGODS

JBGODS was a brand of mine before I even got the idea to create a brand. There is a certain look that the poster JBGOD has. Let’s start with the physical look. The colors are dark, black and red. As you may have noticed in some of my most recent videos and photos of JB Skaters in Chicago, everything is in black and white with red text. That’s what I see when I think of JBGOD. Next is the mental image. A JBGOD thinks of himself as a god. Not to intrude on anyone’s religion or culture, this is a culture of our own. It’s spiritual in a sense. I think our skate sessions can have the same effect on people that a service can have in church. A JBGOD can motivate you to push a little bit harder. A JBGOD can motivate you to practice more than you skate.

Leadership in the Skate World

Without question, I am a leader. Pharaoh is a leader in most regards. The first way that I lead is by presenting an image that is true to myself. I’m the only person who wears a head dress that looks like he’s from the Middle East. People often assume that I am Muslim or Sikh. I have a great amount of respect for both of these religions in many ways. However, since a child there are just things that I’ve always favored. One is a turban, some of my favorite movie characters are my favorites because of the turbans, I have no idea why. I always wanted to look and dress like the mummies that were revived in the temple from the movie “The Mummy”. How I love it so much. I have a tendency to pay attention to the people around me and offer support when I can. That’s an important trait in a leader, take care of the people around you if you can.

jb skaters at lynwood sport center in chicago by JBGODS

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