JBGODS pullover hoodie

Hoodies for skating

Search the best hoodies for skating in Chicago. Keep it simple with discrete branding and pull strings on the hood.

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You Can Wear Hoodies for Skating

In Chicago, you’ll likely see JB Skaters wearing hoodies during skate sessions. The weather is cold outside, and the mood is good inside. So, get with the style and get a hoodie for your next skate session. Some people wonder why we wear hoodies in the summer. It’s a good question. Obviously, the temperature is hot. The skating rink is hot. Well, I can tell you why I wear a hoodie in the summer. First, I like to keep my skin covered. It’s rare that you’ll see me in short sleeves. If it ever happens, you can believe that I’m not comfortable. Second, I wear a hoodie in the summer because I sweat a lot. Skate sessions are serious for me so, I sweat heavily every time. The hoodie catches my perspiration and keeps it off of the skate floor.

You can’t go wrong with black

Stay warm, keep it frosty, however you want. Just keep it in a hoodie. You got plenty to choose from. However, if you can’t make a decision, go for black. You can’t go wrong with black. It matches with everything and works for every occasion.


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