The Book of Enoch album cover by JBGODS

JB Skating Music by JBGODS

JB Skating Music by JBGODS is what you need to get pumped before a session, get original, all new JBSKATE music from JBGODS. #godshit #godshitonly

The Book of Enoch is so much better than the Book of Pharaohs. As of now, every album that we do as a team will be a book. If the other DJs decide to do something without me (Pharaoh) then they’ll have the liberty of giving the album a different type of title. As of now, I like sticking with the idea of books. The influence comes from the books of the Christian Bible and the books of the dead that were written for Egyptian pharaohs of history and placed in their tombs to help the pass into the afterlife.

Take a moment to listen to the Book of Pharaohs. This is the first round draft of JBSKATE songs from JBGODS. Most of these aren’t even remixed yet. That’s gonna be a bunch of fun projects for later. Most of these songs were supposed to sound a bit dark. I wanted a sound that was a bit different from what we are used to in traditional JB. Many of those songs are remixes from Motown era music. I wanted to import a bit of a different flavor into the mix in order to help spread our sacred style and reach a larger audience.

JBGODS album cover the book of enoch