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Learning to JB Skate in Chicago


Learning to JB Skate is a monumental task. Chicago is undoubtedly home to the most intimidating JB Skating sessions in the world. As a result, there is a certain amount of caution that brand new skaters should take when visiting skating rinks in Chicago. Experienced skaters may be more equipped to adapt on a first visit. New skaters should consider becoming more experienced before skating at JB Skating sessions in Chicago.

Faster Skaters on the Outside Wall

This doesn’t make sense to new skaters. You feel more comfortable staying close to the wall so that you can hold yourself up, of course. That would work better for you in a beginner level session. In Chicago, those are usually family sessions which are normally between morning and afternoon hours. During these sessions, the skill level in the room is much more comfortable for new skaters and visitors.


Look Around Before You Move

This is a brand new piece of advice that you might not hear from many skaters. Sometime accidents, collisions and near collisions on the floor are a result of negligent skaters moving into the path of a skater coming their direction. We have all done it, no one is made to take blame or feel bad for any skate floor wrecks. This is a tool that you can use to reduce the risk of hurting or annoying other skaters. Please believe, it is annoying to see the same skaters constantly creating pile-ups on the skate floor.


Exit the Skate Floor Along the Wall

This might be the best way to cause a bad accident and make many people angry at you and everyone you are visiting with. Darting across the skate floor from the middle is not the way to exit the skate floor during any session. It’s likely that a faster skater won’t be able to see you are stop in time to avoid a collision. Instead, when you are ready to exit the floor, you need to make a full circle on the outside wall. As you are approaching the exit point to where you are going and continuously look over your shoulder for skaters coming behind you. This way, we know to watch you. Stay close to the wall, skaters will go around you on the other side. Then, safely exit the floor.


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