Roller Skating is Fun

Quite a few times, I’ve heard skaters say “roller skating isn’t fun anymore” or certain things take the fun out of skating. This was something that I could not understand for some time, until a point when it happened to me. I went to a session and none of the skaters that I wanted to see were there. My fondest skate partners weren’t there. The energy felt so dead. My mood was off because of it. Then on a different day, different session, at a different rink, the same thing. Damn, I must be done with skating. I done fell out of love with JB.

JB Skaters on BC Mondays at Glenwood Roller Rink

JB Skating Mood Swings

Roller skating mood swings are real, lol. I’m sorry, it’s a thing. Before or after you tell yourself that JB isn’t fun any more, consider this. What else is happening in you life?? I know, that sounds quite personal but, this relates to a subject that I value, mental health. It ain’t always serious, check it out. A phone conversation pissed you off before you left home for the session. Then you get to the door of the rink and you left your cash at home. Shit happens and it fucks up our moods. As a result, we ain’t feeling the session.

JB Skaters on BC Mondays at Glenwood Roller Rink

What chu on??

This is a good question to ask yourself. When you ain’t feeling it, what’s really wrong. Hell, what’s good?? If you can come up with a reasonable answer to this, you might realize that JB ain’t losing it’s flare. Skating isn’t the problem, something else is fucking with your mood. This sounds a bit like a counseling session so I’ll take it another route. I’ve always hated when people say things like, just try to have fun. Nah fam, sometimes things fuck up your vibe. It’s good to know what’s in the way so you can move around it.