summer music 2024 JBGODS

Summer Music 2024

What do the gods have in store for us? There will certainly be new summer music coming our way. Brand new songs and fresh, new remixes are deeply needed for JBSKATERS across the country.

Skotty On Da Track

Only time will tell what Skotty is doing. On their Instagram accounts, the GodKing Pharaoh and Skotty On Da Track went live to discuss the possibility of a summer mix for JBSKATE music. Pharaoh stated his terms, $150 to start the song and $150 to finish. Skotty agreed, and now we wait for the magic to happen.

Skotty On Da Track JBGODS and Embassy Records
Skotty On Da Track

Five Vets


The team welcomes a new member, have you seen him yet? He is as smooth as they come. A JBSKATER from Chicago, Five put in his months of training with the gods and now he is one of the team. He received his pin from the GodKing Pharaoh this month.