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Deejay JBSKATER from JBGODS Skate Team Chicago

Deejay Teaches The First Five

Deejay will be teaching the first five JBGODS Core Routines © tonight at Glenwood. BC Mondays may be the hottest JBSKATE session in Chicago right now. The GodKing Pharaoh may not be present for this one though. Our new gods will get the chance to put in some work with the Point for the JBGODS Skate Team. Deejay is smart, creative and he has a strong memory. He knows all 42 of the core routines. Feel welcome to learn our stuff too, that’s why we post them, they are for everyone to enjoy. If you don’t have any routines of your own yet, or you want to run some new ones, run ours. We are open with our routines and we like to share.

Deejay from JBGODS


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