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Comic Books

This is the GodKing Pharaoh speaking to you about comic books for JBGODS. With as much of my time as I can devote, I’m writing the outline of the stories and the scripts to each scene. This is proving to be quite a task but there is no other way. A comic book has to happen, and it will. All of the updates will be posted here, so stay connected for the story.

Sakura Onda JBGODS

Embassy Comics

Embassy Comics is the universe in which all of the JBSKATE superheroes live. I wonder if I’m giving this information away too soon… probably not, the copyrights are all done. Now, it’s time to create the art, connect with other artists and publish it for you all to enjoy. My favorite part may be creating the music that represents these characters and their moods. I think Hans Zimmer and Michael Giacchino would be proud of me.

Other Comic Books

If you haven’t paid attention to the other names in the Embassy Universe, then you should. They are new teams, real people, real superheroes.

Post List #3

photography of library room

A JBSKATE Music Library

pharaohJun 22, 20242 min read

It is time to begin building a JBSKATE music library. This is going to be the first and only one. As many have noticed, jb skating is moving from underground to mainstream. It’s a genre of its own, a sport…

house floor plan

How To Build A Studio

pharaohJun 22, 20242 min read

Over the years, I have come up with my own method of how to build a studio. Of course, I’ve only ever had the small home studios. However, I think this advice will still serve you if you are in…

black and gray photo of person in front of computer monitor

An Entrepreneur With a Day Job

pharaohJun 22, 20242 min read

Few people know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur with a day job. Even fewer people understand the mind of a seriously ambitious entrepreneur. Maybe I’m just a seriously ambitious person altogether. I woke up again today, worried and…

girl in pink and black long sleeve bodysuit doing ice skating

Axel Tips From Coach Michelle Hong

pharaohJun 21, 20242 min read

I’m a big fan of figure skating and I’ve been taking axel tips from Coach Michelle Hong on Instagram. I watched figure skating on Saturday mornings as a child back when all visual media was on local tv. This was…

low angle shot of trees in a forest in summer

Electric Forest 2024

pharaohJun 21, 20242 min read

I’ve been so busy with my own work that I’ve completely forgotten about Electric Forest 2024. Just about every festival that has passed since winter has slipped my mind. I just saw a post on Twitter by Kyle Hollingsworth who…

JBGODS jb skating music from Chicago

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