three new gods 2024 JBGODS

Three New Gods

Three new skaters have joined the JBGODS Skate Team. Their names have yet to be released. The gods undergo rigorous training before they receive their pins from The GodKing Pharaoh, the creator of the team.


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adminJun 22, 2024

Scoop is a JBSKATE style song with no samples incorporated.  Version 2 is mixed in 5.1 surround sound and is…

Learning and Memorizing

The new gods are expected to learn 25 core routines as quickly as they can. A hallmark of a JBGOD is the ability to learn fast and retain the information learned.

What’s The Word

A JBSKATE Music Library

A JBSKATE Music Library

pharaohJun 22, 2024

It is time to begin building a JBSKATE music library. This is going to be the first and only one.…

Commitment and Consistency

The new gods must prove to the team that they want it by showing up on a regular basis to practice and maintaining that same frequency of presence. The JBGODS Skate Team is not just a group, it’s quite an efficient organization with goals and standards.