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By Pharaoh, Tuesday August 16th 2022

What up god, what up goddess?? Today is Tuesday August 16th 2022 and I am waking up from a wonderful session last night. There are two first things that I have to mention at the same time. I love BC Mondays at Glenwood god, there ain’t no other way for me to put it. Every week that goes by I’m waiting on the next Monday to come. The second first thing that I wanna say is y’all make this JB shit fun as fuck, y’all make it worth it. I really do look forward to seeing y’all at the sessions and my spirits be lifted when I see other JB skaters going crazy together, real talk.

JB Assasins on BC Mondays at Glenwood Roller rink

JB Skating Culture in Chicago

I don’t know if y’all are watching but our JB Skating culture is spreading across the country. People are legit starting to JB Skate on a regular basis in other cities and states. So, WE GOTTA KEEP OUR SHIT SHARP!! I love this JB shit and I love Chicago JB Skaters. We gotta continue hitting all of our most turned up sessions and keep putting in that work.

Best Skating Rinks in Chicago

This is a fun subject to me. I primarily judge a skating rink by its skate floor. In my opinion, Glenwood has the best skate floor. The wall between the floor and the seating area may be the best feature, it keeps non-skaters off the floor. Personally, it bugs the shit out of me for people to stand still on the wall. Aside from the feel and the shape of the skate floor, I also like the lighting at Glenwood. Those blue and red lights really do serve our skaters. I think those lights make our Black skin look so nice. Those videos often turn out really well.

JB Assasins on BC Mondays at Glenwood Roller Rink


This subject probably should have come sooner in the article but that’s ok. There’s something so enthralling about JB Skating music. I think it fits multiple genres. It’s classic, it’s R&B, it’s jazz, it’s hip-hop and it’s electric. That steady thump of the kick drum on every beat sets the mood and the tempo right away. As soon as I open the door to my car in the parking lot at Glenwood Roller Rink, I can hear the music from inside, painting the environment with sounds of joy.


We pretty much go H.A.M. in Chicago. Our JB Skate culture has such a strong history. We have skate ambassadors who continue to teach and pass on knowledge to new skaters. If you’re in the company of senior JB Skaters who have a reputation of teaching, you’ll likely hear them use the phrase “each one, teach one”. It happens daily and it works. This is one of the threads in the fabric of our skate discipline that makes this garment so strong. I can see the future of JB growing throughout Chicago, throughout Illinois and the rest of the United States.

Wear the right gear when you come to BC Mondays at Glenwood. Shop right here on JBGODS.COM.

JB Assasins at Glenwood Roller Rink on BC Mondays in Chicago

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