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All about Chicago, hear about it, know about it, live about it. What’s happening today, what happened last night?? When news is worthy it’s here for you to see.

photo of buildings
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Find out about the traffic, the weather the food, the violence, the government. Why not?? Of course, this JBGODS realm exists primarily for the insemination of skate music and skating but let’s not forget, we live here. Everything else that goes on in the city is a factor of our daily lives. Just as your city is to your life.

This page is just the place holder for all of the posts. Look for something interesting to read, click on it and indulge. Experience Chicago from the viewpoint of the GodKing Pharaoh. I must say now that if it weren’t for auto-correct, every paragraph would be filled with misspelled words. Goodness grace, how the convenience of technology can waste a mind away.

First tip, know that the 90 is a toll road. I think that first toll leaving the city and going into Indiana is like $5 or $15, something like that. You can’t turn around either, once you approach that toll booth, you have a bill to pay.

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