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How to choose a pair of skates

pharaohMay 23, 20242 min read

Knowing how to choose a pair of skates can save you some time and money in the future. Coming from someone who has bought skates that did not work out, I would like to provide a bit of guidance. Here…

rain drops

McDonalds In Louisville

pharaohMay 17, 20241 min read

Today, I decided to break fast this morning with a little bit of food from a McDonalds in Louisville. Normally, I don’t really eat there anymore but today I made an exception. I always use the app to order. In…

vertical shot of street with the valentine restaurant sign in nashville usa

Nashville Weather in May

pharaohMay 12, 20241 min read

It’s a beautiful day and Nashville weather is showing its self in pure splendor. I crept out of my hotel room like a dormant, shaggy wolf. A stroll in the sunlight, talking to the trees, balanced my thoughts and energy.…


The Book of the Dead

pharaohMay 7, 20241 min read

The Book of the Dead is on its way. This album has been in the oven for like three years. But that’s okay. The question that I have, the PRIMARY question that I have is, how many songs is sufficient…

JBGODS musical artist album the Book of Pharaohs

The Book of Pharaohs

pharaohMay 7, 20241 min read

Enjoy the Book of Pharaohs by JBGODS. This is the first album release of original JBSKATE songs by the gods. As time progresses you will begin to hear these original songs come back in new form. Every song on this…