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No Good Ramen In Chicago

I’ve been to a few ramen restaurants in the city and it seems like there is no good ramen in Chicago. The restaurant that I went to yesterday disappointed me so badly. The store looked so neat and full of these electronic devices for requesting orders. But, I ordered a simple ramen with chicken and I did not expect what I was going to get. The noodles looked like they came out of a pack from the shelves of Walmart. They didn’t even make the noodles. Then, the chef used breaded chicken . Chunks of wet, breaded chicken were sitting in my soup. They were like some cheap popcorn chicken pieces that looked like blended meat. Who knows what animal it came from.

The Store Was Empty

I should have taken it as a sign when I noticed that there was only two other people in the restaurant. This is also misleading because there were about 6 people in the kitchen. I fully expected the best soup that I was ever going to get in the world. Speaking of the best soup ever, there is a place in Los Angeles that I went to all the time. Most days of the week there was a line out the door which stretched down the sidewalk in Little Tokyo. Located on 1st Street, across from the Miyako Hotel, sits Marugame Monzo. Good grace, I miss this restaurant so much. Their food is one of the reasons that I will move back to Los Angeles.

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