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Music for the Movies

Everything is behind schedule, lol. We’ve got two movie score type songs published already. They kinda blend the qualities of JBSKATE music with the dramatic range of cinema. My core skill lies with cinematic music, maybe those skills are even closer to the operatic style. Either way, I can write music for movies. This is what I shall do for the JBSKATE Universe.

JBSKATE Super Heroes and Comics

They will all have their sound. This is an immense amount of work. It’s a mountain to climb but I want to go this journey and I want to go it alone. Hell, I don’t have a choice. It’s not as if I have someone helping me with this work, it’s all me. But this is cool too because I’m learning way more than I could have imagined. Combining the two genres, film score and JBSKATE, is a very difficult mission. These are two disciplines that have their own, clearly divided avenues and I aim to merge them into one. It’s not easy. My first few tracks have be less than impressive to me. However, I won’t stop with those. Our universe needs heroes and those heroes need heroic music.

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