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Sha’Carri Richardson is making history again

You might have watched the news and noticed that Sha’Carri Richardson is making history again. According to APNEWS she finished the 100 meter race with a time of 10.71 seconds. She definitely won, and this win makes her the fastest woman in the world. I’m so glad to see her doing well. She was criticized so heavily for nothing and she continues to rise and shine.

Sha’Carri As An Inspiration

Sha’Carri is a leader for Black people everywhere. She is a great example of doing great things and doing them lawfully. She is the kind of example that I recognize and praise. There is no way that it is easy to do what she is doing. You don’t just happen to be the fastest woman in the world. This requires an immense amount of discipline. Winning at this caliber requires a commitment to training as hard as your body will allow you on a regular basis. Taking days off is not an option.

The Science of a Winner

It’s obvious that Sha’Carri understands something about running that most human beings do not. Time and time again, she steps on that track, beats her opponents and she beats them by a lot. What does this mean?? It means that being good is not good enough. Being great at your craft is not good enough. It’s absolutely encouraged to be serious about your craft and to involve yourself in deep thought about what you’re doing. One of the worst pieces of advice that I’ve heard skaters give people who are trying to learn a new trick is to not think about it. This is so untrue. You need to think about what you’re doing. When you think about what you are doing you have a better chance at understanding what you are doing.

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