Venom JBGODS Core Routines


Venom is one of the JBGODS Core Routines.

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Learn Original JBSKATE Routines Like Venom

Whenever you visit a JBSKATE session in Chicago and the gods are their, you will see us all skating our core routines together. This makes for good memory training. So far, the gods have documented 30 routines that we have created together. Sometimes, the most difficult task for a beginning JB Skater is acquiring new routines to learn and practice. We have them here. If you like the routines and they help you learn, remember to follow JBGODS on YouTube.

Practice at home before the session

The more times you see it, the better the memory stays. Watch routines on video while you are at home. This gives you a better chance at learning more routines in less time.

Use routines like Venom for cardio

Many of use know that roller skating is a great source of cardio. Running routines gives the cardio focused skater something more entertaining to think about while getting a good sweat.

DJs purchase music from the gods

It’s a memory game

Learning as many JBSKATE routines as you can will exercise your memory. Challenge yourself by trying to learn one routine as quickly as possible and remembering it for later.

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