black headset hanging on black and gray microphone

Who makes JB Skate music?

Who makes JB Skate music like we do? JBGODS is the artist entity and JB Skating team from Chicago that writes and produces original JB Skate music. Stay connected with what we are doing. Sooner or later, you will see influences from the gods and our other organizations in different mediums and industries. If you are a fan of comics, then you should watch our Instagram and YouTube. We got some brand new stuff coming that may only be available on and our social media.

Who owns JB Skating Music?

While it is unknown who owns JB Skating, there are three entities who possess the most intellectual property over JB Skating (JBSKATE, Embassy Records and JBGODS). If you ask me, the GodKing Pharaoh, then I will tell you that JBGODS is the most powerful entity that exists in the real of JBSKATE. So much so, that I have changed the way that the noun and verb “JBSKATE” is spelled. Make sure you write it all together, one word and in all caps.

What does JB mean?

JBSKATING is a fictitious term that describes the roller skating style originated in Chicago. At least when you reference the most prominent figures in JBSKATING, the letters will not refer to any person. It’s possible that someone may tell you otherwise but folk lore is common to hear these days.