man posing by street art

Who created the JB Skating style?

JB Skating has a long history in Chicago and the United States. According to unwritten history, no one really knows who created JB Skating. No one created written documentation that would give credit to the skaters who started the JB Skating style. JBGODS is documenting the evolution of JB Skating.

We are creating a well organized, well structured foundation of academia for the JB Skating style. Normally, if a person wants to learn how to JB Skate, they have to come to Chicago. That may not always be reasonable, even for the person who can stop what they are doing and go to Chicago on a moment’s notice. The JBGODS Skate Team is documenting everything that needs to be known about JB on video, photo and in writing. Skaters can learn the culture, the skate style and the floor work from publications made by JBGODS.

The Manual of JB Skating

This manual will be the cornerstone of JB Skating academia worldwide. As of January 3rd, 2023 the GodKing is writing the Manual of JB Skating. It is the only formal document that records the history of JB Skating for the purposes of learning the craft. The JBGODS Core Techniques, JBGODS Core Combinations and JBGODS Core Routines make the Manual of JB Skating. Not one of these core units is more important that the other. The necessity of attention and time required on each detail will differ for each skater. Some skaters already have strong hips and may not need time with techniques that strengthen the hips. Other skaters may already have strong feet and can spend more time drilling techniques.