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Check your cart and get JBGODS merch. Get ready for a new line up of original skate products brought to you only by the gods. Follow JBGODS on Instagram for session photos and subscribe to JBGODS on YouTube for the best videos of JB Skate routines that you can learn from home. Follow JBGODS on Twitter for links all of the newest JB Skate music.

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Fill your cart, you’ll need it later. Shop bulk items for a business or individual items for yourself and friends. Shop for JBGODS gear and JBSKATE greeting cards. Find music for DJs and skating rink owners. Keep your sessions alive with updated music that appeals to a newer, wider audience. Stay connected as we bring this underground genre of House music to the mainstream. Visit Embassy Records for a lineup of all the new artists and DJs taking part in the development of JB Skate music.

Some want to know who is the king of JB Skate music. The votes can go in any direction. However, no one can argue about who the gods are. That’s already been established. Watch as we evolve JB Skate music into a form of electronic dance music.

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