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Nashville Weather in May

It’s a beautiful day and Nashville weather is showing its self in pure splendor. I crept out of my hotel room like a dormant, shaggy wolf. A stroll in the sunlight, talking to the trees, balanced my thoughts and energy. I spent the morning claiming my assets and treasures. They’re all mine. This universe lets me have them.

Trees in Nashville

It feels so nice to walk down streets lined with greenery. The trees are tall, old and they have plenty of company from the shrubs and grass underneath them. This morning, I walked around and introduced myself to some new friends. Now, they all know my name.

Que Calor

Years have passed since I’ve let my skin cook under the contact of the burning sun. The winter months of Chicago seem to dominate the plus-part of the year, keeping the skies in shadow and grim solace. Lol, does that even make any sense?? I don’t know. Maybe to some it does.

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