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What to do for a Workout Roller Skating

Here is my advice on what to do for a workout roller skating. If you’re on the skate floor then these should all apply. First, practice speed. You can only get good at doing all of your tricks and skills at a high speed if you practice speed first. Second, practice intensity. For the things that you do well already, do them with more intensity, more energy, more dynamics.

Practice Speed

You can never go wrong with adding speed as a workout. Be warned, this is a primary ingredient for disaster when you aren’t strong in your technique. So, add speed gradually. Remember to slow down again once you become fatigued. There is no need to do more than you are capable of and risk hurting yourself or someone else.

Practice Intensity

If you normally do spins, try doing them a little harder. Spin harder, come to a stop more abruptly. This is adding more intensity to your workout. It changes the way that you approach your skating in live sessions. There is something about intensity that puts your effort onto different muscles and different muscle groups.

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How To Get Stronger For Skating

This article explains how to get stronger for skating.

STRETCH to Get Stronger

You have got to stretch on a daily basis.

You have got to stretch on a daily basis. Most of these techniques become acquired skills after you have done them on a regular basis. Going hard for one day, or one week or one month is not the recipe rather, stretching consistently makes you more flexible. There’s something in the human anatomy that makes the muscles, joints and ligaments do 400 percent better when they each function at 100. I don’t understand what’s happening there but if you aren’t getting that technique or that trick that you want, it’s probably because you aren’t stretching.

SQUATS to Get Stronger

You have got to get those squats in.

I am not a fan of disciplined workouts, I think they are boring. Getting some good cardio and a good pump from skating is something that I enjoy. However, in order to focus on specific muscles and their weaknesses, or their strengths, certain exercises are needed. You have got to get those squats in. There is also another type of squat that works a different set of muscles. You basically stand on your knees and rise up and down. This exercise has an immediate effect on the health of my legs.

JUMPS to Get Stronger

Practice jumps in your shoes first.

Most of us have weak ankles and bad coordination. Landing jumps, and taking off for them, both require practicing them without skates on. Be warned, it is not easy so, make sure you practice this in a place where you have plenty of space to stumble and fall. Make sure you use a surface that is sturdy, dry and has plenty of grip. Trying this near a dining room table on slick wood floors in your socks, for example, is a terrible idea. You WILL fall. You WILL hurt yourself.

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