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Chicago Weather in May

We had gray skies as I rolled out of the city on Thursday. The city is always so gray. That’s the downside of living in Chicago, especially after spending 10 years in Los Angeles. Man, I was so spoiled and I miss it. As much as I miss Los Angeles though, Chicago has its hooks in me because of the JBSKATE scene here.


We’re getting rain all the way into May, how ridiculous is that. It probably isn’t even gonna stop. The day that I wanted to buy a new lawnmower set and cut the grass the entire city was wet. No worries, another day then.

Skies in the city of chicago

Sullen skies over the brick city

Weather Channel

I never watch the weather channel. I never watch the television for news, I don’t even own a television. Whatever happens is destined to happen. Chicago weather is unpredictable even with the weather radar active. They could announce on the news that the temperature is gonna drop but you don’t expect your car doors to freeze. Then, the next day you have a sloshy city of melting snow.

Weather Today

The weather today was kinda nice, I must admit. The sun was shining, people were out in the city, all in the streets, being annoying. Every ass wipe with a bicycle was on every major road in Chicago, hogging up the lanes like they can’t be obliterated by one of these idiots running red lights and stop signs. I mean but other than that it was a gorgeous day.

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